Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I am bound by both the fiduciary standards of the CFP® board, and the Fiduciary Oath of the XY Planning Network. A fiduciary is a person who has to place the client’s interest ahead of his or her own at all times. In addition, I am a “Fee-only” advisor. A “Fee-only” advisor is only compensated by explicit fees which clients can clearly see and understand, as opposed to embedded commissions, product revenue, or referral arrangements. This means, I have your best interest in mind and charge you via explicit fees that can be clearly seen and understood. 

We start our client engagements with a comprehensive financial planning process. During the initial financial planning process, we will cover topics such as cash flow planning, retirement planning, debt management, investment planning, risk management, and insurance planning, estate planning, business planning, and tax planning. We will then work together to develop a tailored financial strategy to best suit the long terms goals, dreams, and values of your household.  In situations where a client needs beyond the scope of our practice, we will ask to introduce the client to a specialist in that field (Accountants, Estate Attorneys, etc.). We do not receive compensation for these referrals and will only make such a referral with the consent of the client.

We also offer investment management for a fee, for those clients who wish to utilize the service. 

Sample Financial Solutions was specifically founded to work with clients who are seeking a different planning experience. While we are able to work with most clients, we find that we work best with families that have multiple sources of income, small business owners, real estate investors, and individuals with assets outside of the stock market. 

No. You will need to have a US social security number or tax ID. The preferred method of meeting during this time is via video conferencing.  

I work closely with you to determine your hopes dreams and goals. Everyone needs a trusted adviser — someone who can see blind spots they may not have tI work closely with you to determine your hopes dreams and goals. Everyone needs a trusted adviser — someone who can see blind spots they may not have thought of or bring an outsider’s perspective. My background as a financial adviser goes to work for you. I want to help you make the right decisions now, for a better long-term outcome. 

Our clients know that it is not the “investment black box” alone that will achieve their goals, but the synergy created by aligning investments with the other aspects of their tailored strategic plan and the contributions of clients themselves. We believe in market efficiency, broad diversification, structured exposure to risk, and careful management of fees and taxes. We believe in portfolios built on logic, empirical evidence, and highly respected academic research. If you are looking for an investment advisor who is actively trading accounts, intra-day, we are not the right fit. We aim to benefit from being exposed to the markets, not timing them. Lastly, we have a core belief that investing in yourself, a small business, real estate, and other financial assets is critical to build out a strong investment portfolio.  Diversification into other assets classes has the potential to deliver higher risk adjusted returns over the long run. 

Investing with us, with another firm, by yourself, or anywhere else carries risk.  The amount of risk is determined by many factors.  Risk is a function of time, diversification, personal tolerance, personal capacity, the markets, and many other factors.  Sample Financial Solutions is committed to helping each family design, implement, and execute an intentional financial strategy that aligns goals, values, and risk. 

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